Adult chata

Whether you enjoy them at your favorite ice cream shop, or you prefer to make them at home, you can’t go wrong with one of these frozen sweets on a hot Summer day.Remember when you were a kid how happy you got when your parents bought or made you a milkshake? We’d be lying if we said we don’t get a little jealous now as parents watching the joy on our kids faces.), now seems like the perfect time to whip some of these up to cool us off.If you remember, a couple of months back we partnered with Rum Chata to share an awesome spiked iced coffee recipe, and I thought Rum Chata would make the perfect mix-in for these boozy adult milkshakes.

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In Nola they pretty much spike EVERYTHING, so we had one in the middle of the day (day drinking! You’ll find them on the menu at a few restaurants in some cities, but if you don’t want to leave your house or you’re instead, they’ll give it some buzz, some flavoring, and blend right into the sweet creaminess of the ice cream.For that reason you may want to make 2 instead of trying to share one. Basic prices of accommodation per night per person are as follows: * hotel rooms 14.50 € * family rooms 14.50 € * simple tourist rooms 8.00 € * additional beds 10.00 € (tourist 8.00 €) Accomodation tax 0.40 Eur/person/day Enjoy peaceful accommodation in Račková valley and gain unforgettable experience on hikes in the West and High Tatra Mountains, have lots of fun in water parks and going to other tourist attractions in the Tatras and the Liptov region.Generally we go for 2:1 ratio of ice cream to booze (2 scoops, 1 oz) but you can play around with it yourself, don’t be afraid to let the creativity flow!With the heat index over 100 degrees for a few days in a row now (Thanks Florida!

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