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I have had a few lesbian encounters at the K9 Sex Club back home but I have never been as attracted to another woman as I was to Monica.Before she was aware of my presence, I took the time to study her gorgeous body and decided I wanted her in a bad way.She was bent forward with her hands on a table and asked me if I wanted her to lick my pussy while she was getting fucked.

When she arrived I got in her car but before she pulled off she asked what type of evening I’d like to have.After a few minutes I did the same and as we danced Monica came close and fondled and sucked my breasts and nipples so I did the same to her.One of the guys who worked there joined us on the dance floor wearing only a bow tie and his hard cock wagging as he moved.It was my first trip on my own but I was getting used to it by now as I had already been through Belgium and Germany.I checked into a nice hotel and after a shower and settling in, I went to the hotel bar to get info about where to go in Prague from the barman or anyone who could speak English.

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