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Yes, this happened to me, and yes – I think dating your friends’ siblings is a horrible idea. I’m not just being selfish and saying this because now I feel uncomfortable (my BFF hates his new GF, but, um, I kind of like her): my best friend and brother have to see each other all the time, and I’m sure they feel 10 times more uncomfortable than me. If you're lucky, the two of you will get along right off the bat, and you can let out a sigh of relief.If you're Of course, your boyfriend will appreciate your kindness and camaraderie, but the bond between you and your BF's sister can be a major plus anytime you need the following support: Unexpected overnights or spontaneous pool days at your boyfriend's house mean you may be looking for a change of clothes.

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You don't want her to think you're putting her bro down.)Nobody tells the story of when he peed his pants in seventh grade better than her.

Sure, it sounds nosy, but a friend/sibling relationship is obviously a delicate thing and it’s only right to give the friend caught in the middle a heads up. I’d just have pow wows with my brother and my friend to tell them what I thought.

After that, I’d be totally out of it–I definitely don’t need the juicy details of my baby bro’s dating life!

When night shifts or last-minute schedule changes interfere with your date night plans, your bf's sister is the perfect fill in when he isn't around. If you're dissatisfied with your bf's textbook response and you trust her opinion (and fashion sense), ask her to weigh in.

Added bonus: she'll be right there sobbing next to you at the sappy love movie you couldn't convince your man to see. Hopefully, she'll appreciate you asking for her opinion, and will respect you enough to offer some honesty.

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