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i know one site where are mostly russian but only from latvia or who work at the moment in london or ireland)))..(.interface-russian and latvian language .) also some latvian site exists but there are no any english language ,only latvian interface,i could not manage with that site myself )))) just let me know if you would like to know tham or one of tham -i send than message to you )))dont want open tham up here ps i never used any agency,even if i still looking for may be not time yet in my 38 ? mostly just observations Estonia has a high Russian population, too. It's because pre-war Russians living there were mostly Whites who had fled the Reds.

Post-War Russians were brought in by Stalin to "Sovietise" the Baltic States.

Lasnamae is the Russian heavy district just outside Tallinn, any women you do meet in Tallinn will be from there. Hopefully will meet one that suits my liking and vice-versa!

:-)Hi Misterb, we normally deal with the girls you meet online and not the ones you actually meet while you are in the FSU, that said, the information you give will still give some idea of what to expect from a genuine girl.

somehow i did not get the idea about Latvia you also shoud know,there here are two nationality: -originally latvian - russian ,who probably was born in latvia but because someone from family russian -has typical russian mentality ( with european point of view ) but totally different from latvian ,of course....

in estonia not so many russians as in latvia ,but exists of course in site which i mention before mostly russian from different countrys.... There were Russians in all 3 Baltic States before the war, and no political problems.

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you.

Sadly, Russians get the blame for this tyranny when the guilt should be directed at the communists (who, it must be remembered, killed millions of their own people (ethnic Russians) right from the beginning).

As a people, there are good and bad Russians (as with every nation)- and I've met some really nice ones. esu, etc...) also have large Russian majorities, but I only know the figure for Narva. Back to Russians, I did read the figures somewhere, but can't recall them exactly.

If you go to a bar, get drunk and make a fool of yourself, dont expect to wake up the next day with an angel beside you.

I was born in Tallinn, can trace family tree in estonia back to 14th century.

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