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सामग्री वैयक्तिकृत करने, विज्ञापनों को अनुकूल बनाने और उनका मूल्यांकन करने और सुरक्षित अनुभव प्रदान करने के लिए, हम कुकी का उपयोग करते हैं.साइट पर क्लिक करके या उसे नेविगेट करके, आप Facebook पर और उसके बाहर कुकी द्वारा जानकारी के हमारे एकत्रण की अनुमति देते हैं. It was late at night and things were slower and quieter at Headquarters.All the navigators sat slightly slouched in their chairs.Apparently she had lost her reploid parents to a maverick riot at the Amusement Park. Despite everything, she was very enthusiastic about her new job. Hachi had short lavender hair and wore black goggles on top of her head. Nana noticed Hachi was the type to speak only when it was necessary, but she wasn't rude, just quiet. It was late, and she knew it was probably wise to go to bed. Hachi is quiet but pleasant, and Yuna seems excited to start tomorrow.""So everything went smoothly I assume?She also had two long antennas coming out of her headset. Her recharger was practically calling her, she thought, but she decided she should give her blond friend the news and tell her goodnight. "Nana nodded."We should both go recharge for the rest of the night." Nana yawned."I agree-" Alia blushed a little after yawning herself.After Hunter HQ allowed the Resistance group at Central Tower to combine with Far East HQ, Alia had gotten the opportunity to know their System Operator more. "Alia shifted her weight to her side and crossed her legs again.

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Sidenote: I'm an 18 year old student from Belgium that loves Rock and roll Hey Tiffany. I'm looking for late night chat buddies as well but the only thing stopping me is the difference in time zone.Alia was just finishing the last of her work when she heard a beep go off in her headset. Alia here.""Hi there, "Nana greeted, sounding a bit tired. " she leaned back, uncomfortable in her chair."Those new navigators came today.""Oh? "Goodnight, Alia signing out.""Night, Nana signing out."Author Notes: Why Alia and Nana?She stretched her back and tapped the glowing green icon at the corner of the screen. "I just wanted to check in before heading off to bed. Because they're pretty much the same type of person, the Navigator (though I like Nana better)."You're clear Nana." she smiled, adjusting her microphone.A new screen popped up in the corner of her monitor revealing a pink haired reploid gentling smiling at her."Hello Alia." Nana greeted shyly.

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