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The Surfari pack can be fully enjoyed if you already have a reasonable surf level (if you’re already surfing the green waves or trying your first maneuvers and barrels, then you’re ready for it!

Use the form below to begin the application process.

The other points are between 10 min and 1 hour car ride away.

There are so many to choose from, steep and challenging waves or rounded and mellow waves.

The most common ones are the Surf Camp pack and the Surfari pack.

The Surf Camp pack is recommended for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Standard: Reservation caution required | Remaining amount to pay at Destination | Free cancellation up to 15 days before check-in | Cancellation less than 15 days before check-in or No-Show, only the reservation caution will be charged is undoubtedly a great place both for beginners and more experienced surfers because of the variety of beach and point breaks within a short distance.

For the adventurous soul, Ghana is a playground as many surf a perfect wave and name it?

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The currents can get a big strong around high tide however, so you should be comfortable in the water and be a confident surfer to get out past the break during this time.Ghana has warm waters all year round 26c - 28 c, with the exeption of June - September (rainy season) when the water temperature drops to 23c-24c and air temperatures are between 24c and 27c.The rainy season is when we get the biggest waves, about 4 ft - 6 ft daily.A Reservation Request will be sent and you'll receive a fast answer telling if there is availability for your Request.Your Credit Card will NOT be charged nor any fees of whatsoever.

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