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In “compensated dating,” a young woman agrees to go out on a date with a man for a price, but more often the “date” ends up being sex.Though the girls themselves deny it, this type of short-term relationship is really only a variation of teenage prostitution, with the distinction that the girls are handing out sexual favors to earn extra shopping money rather than out of desperation.After having compensated dating, girls can receive a favorable amount of return from their clients.In this money-minded society, the girls fall into the desire of money and vanity.

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As in Hong Kong, many of these American girls are selling themselves for thrills and easy money, and the FBI confirmed that year that the average age of a new teen prostitute is 13 years old.Aside from the vanity of the girls, some of them lack care and they want to gain love and seek warmth from others.Many of them are in lack of parental care or parents rarely care about what they are doing.In this letter, I would like to state the causes of compensated dating and suggest feasible ways to deal with the problem.First of all, one of the grounds of luring girls to go on compensated dates is the temptation of money.

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