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After scanning each page, you can add another page by pressing a button on the screen or the scanner, or end the scan by pressing a different button.

This isn't as easy as scanning a multi-page file with an automatic document feeder (ADF)—it does nothing to help put the next page on the flatbed—but it's as easy as it can be without an ADF.

Even more useful is backlight correction to automatically fix photos with, say, a dark face against a bright background.

With both of these features, you generally need to see the prescan before you can decide whether to turn the feature on.

You can usually count on Epson scanners to deliver better than average bang for the buck.

The Epson Perfection V600 Photo (9.99 direct, covered by a standard 1-year parts and labor warranty) is no exception.

On the other hand, it's a close match to the Editors' Choice V500, which also offers 6,400 ppi.

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The V600's ability to resolve detail isn't quite a match for the much more expensive Epson Perfection V700 Photo, which claims the same 6,400-ppi resolution but with much better optics.

If you want the best possible scan with dust and scratch removal, you need to try it both ways for any given original, and then compare the results.

Scan Speed, Quality, and Other Issues The V600 is firmly in the top tier for scan quality for flatbed scanners that cost less than 0.

However, there are some features for improving scans that even the most casual user should take the time to explore.

For faded originals, the driver offers a color restore option.

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