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Here are the main features worth talking about: The number of footswitches is very important for a looper pedal as it affects how easily you can control the loops while playing. As explained in the Ditto review, having one footswitch is fine for basic recording and overdubbing, but it limits more advanced uses of a looper pedal.For example the BOSS RC-3 and the Ditto both have only one footswitch. With the RC-30’s two pedals, you have a lot more flexibility which makes this an excellent pedal when playing live.Boss’s latest and greatest twin pedal looper makes some significant improvements over the older Boss RC-20XL Loop Station, and is a good choice for home musicians.In 2011, Boss updated it’s line of looper pedals by releasing the RC-3 Loop Station, the RC-30 Loop Station (reviewed here), and the RC-300 Loop Station.The RC-3 is a small single footswitch looper and the RC-300 is a massive full feature pedalboard with almost every possible feature you could imagine in a looper.The RC-30 finds a good middle ground between the two extremes and should suit a large range of guitarists.

Unfortunately, when switching between phases with the RC-30, there is a known 1/4 second lag, which is awkward for live performances and when recording.

Creating loops is convenient with the Auto Recording feature, which starts recording the moment you begin playing your guitar, bass, keyboard, or singing, or as soon as you start a connected audio player.

Count-In mode gives you one-bar of rhythm before recording starts.

Onboard effects include the following: Saturate your loops in cool effects without the cost and hassle of adding external gear.

Vocalists can plug a microphone of their choice directly into the RC-30’s XLR mic input, complete with phantom power if you wish to use a condenser mic.

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